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ukrainian refugee employment program

Our Ukrainian Refugee Employment Program was developed to help Canadian businesses connect with - and offer employment opportunities to - Ukrainian refugees. This complimentary service is ideally suited to businesses who are able to offer temporary or short-term employment, seasonal work, or contract positions to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

We welcome all interested employers to join this program, however there are considerations when when hiring Ukrainian refugees:

  • Refugees will be granted 3 years unlimited permission to work in Canada (however may return to Ukraine after the war),
  • Refugees may not speak or read fluent English, so jobs with tasks that can be physically demonstrated to applicants may be the most appropriate, and
  • Refugees will likely be women and may have family members to support. As noted above, there is no fee to take part in this program; we will simply collect your information and pass along your company’s employment opportunities to Ukrainian refugees who best suit the role(s).
If you’d like to participate in the Ukrainian Refugee Employment Program, please provide your contact information in the form below:

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